Sunday, 26th January 2020

Staffies Britain's favourite dog 'that's not normally like this, you must have provoked him'

BRITAIN has voted Staffordshire bull terriers their favourite dog to barely have the strength to restrain while they bark frenziedly at a stranger.

The breed beat collies, Alsatians and even pit bulls for waddling down the street and springing at you while the owner pretends it has never done this before.

Staffie owner Nathan Muir said: “It’s your hat he doesn’t like. What were you thinking, wearing that hat?

“He's so cuddly, that’s why Staffies are so popular. Not because they make the small-penised feel tough.

“And they’ve got a strong protective instinct. They’ll do anything to protect their pack. Dwayne? Don’t look at me like that, Dwayne, I’m the pack leader. I’m pack leader, Dwayne!

“Oh shit.”