Ask Holly: He remains a blatant ginger

Dear Holly,

If you’ve heard the rumours, you’ll know that Prince Harry and I are very much in love and marriage is on the cards. The only problem is that despite being a rich prince he is also a blatant ginger.

This is a big step for me: betrothing myself to a person who, in some lights, resembles a furry baked bean. I’m not sure the wealth and titles can help me see past those weird orange eyelashes. Should I call it off?


Los Angeles

Dear Meghan,

I’ve got a ginger kitten called Mr Squiggles. He’s very friendly and cuddly and he likes to play. I love Mr Squiggles so much I used to think maybe I would marry him when I am older, even though he is awfully ginger and hairy and almost completely mute, but then I realised he spends an awful lot of time licking his own balls so I decided against taking things any further.

Hope that helps!