Ask Holly: How should I document my illustrious career?

Dear Holly,

I’ve heard that young oik, Zayn Malik, is releasing his autobiography as a series of images rather than prose, presumably because he is unable to write much more than his own name. Whilst this whole concept reeks of vulgarity, I can’t help but wonder if I should adopt this approach to some sections of my forthcoming memoirs, where the scene in question lends itself to graphic representation, for example the chapter I am currently referring to as ‘A Taste of Pork’. What do you think?


Chipping Norton

Dear David,

My friend Erica Mackenzie’s mummy and daddy are getting a divorce and Erica has been a bit upset. Our school guidance counsellor, Angela, told Erica she should use art to express her feelings. So far she has drawn lots of pictures of her father being physically attacked by a demented clown and a massive scary owl with rainbow eyes. Everyone is very disturbed but we all agree Erica’s use of perspective is enchanting.

Hope that helps,