Lack of ‘Brexit effects’ proves Brexit hasn’t happened yet

THE lack of any ‘Brexit effect’ in employment, the stock market and the wider UK economy proves that Brexit is yet to take place, say experts. 

Following new employment figures showing predicted post-Brexit job losses have not taken place, economists have said they are 98 per cent sure that Britain remains in the EU.

Dr Helen Archer of the LSE said: “The UK is currently showing the growth, rising employment and controlled inflation of what we term a ‘pre-Brexit’ economy.

“From this we conclude not that Brexit is going to be just fine and all the Remoaners need to shut their unpatriotic loser faces, but that Brexit has not happened and is not currently scheduled to happen.

“A comparison might be to saying the absence of an ‘iceberg effect’ mean the Titanic was perfectly fine to undersupply lifeboats, when in fact it simply had not hit the iceberg yet.”

Archer added: “Of course, if there are negative ‘Brexit effects’ following actual Brexit, I fully expect to be told that it is my fault for predicting them.

“Because that’s how this works.”