Ask Holly: Is Alistair Darling into techno?

Dear Holly,

I’ve been building bridges recently and making friends with old enemies. Turns out Alistair Darling isn’t such a massive git as I thought. In fact, we have loads in common beyond our shared desire to stay in the EU. Did you know he was Chancellor of the Exchequer too, just like me? It’s a small world. I was thinking of inviting him to a dance party but I’m not sure if he’s into techno in any big way. Do you think he’d appreciate some LCD Soundsystem or am I reading the situation all wrong? 



Dear George,

You can tell a lot about a person by rifling through their belongings when they aren’t looking. I bet you Taylor Swift had a good old rummage in Calvin Harris’ drawers while he was in hospital after his car accident. She probably wanted to check he wasn’t secretly doing it with Rita Ora, but discovered, to her horror, that the so-called international DJ is actually a chap called Adam from Dumfries. And of course, at that point she had to terminate their agreement.

Hope that helps,