Ask Holly: Whenever I try to say ‘bridge’ it comes out as ‘buh-reeeeege’

Dear Holly,

I might be the one of the best-selling female artists in the world, but whenever I try to say ‘bridge’ it comes out as ‘buh-reeeeege’. Aren’t I extremely irritating?



Dear Adele,

There is no affliction which can’t be cured with a Hatchimal for Christmas. As I write, Santa is marching the aisles of his workshop in Beijing, shouting at the hordes of happy Chinese folk who work 23 hours a day in darkness and squalid conditions, fashioning tonnes of gaudy bug-eyed pointless plastic, all in the name of bringing little girls like me four or five minutes of partial happiness on Christmas Day, before I start kicking off and going mental again.

Hope that helps,