My husband was a complete bastard to Kathleen Turner

Dear Holly,

I’m having a bit of marriage trouble and at first I was blaming myself, but now I’ve decided it’s all my husband’s fault. He wants everyone to think he’s like the swashbuckling rogue from Romancing the Stone, but these days he’s more like the mentalist from Falling Down. If you don’t believe me, watch forgotten 80s romp, The War of the Roses. He’s a complete bastard to poor old Kathleen Turner; poisoning his beloved dog was a coup for women’s rights if you ask me. 


Swansea / LA

holly2111111Dear Catherine,

It’s good to hear from another advocate of feminism, because votes for women are at an all time low in my school. It seems that trying to incorporate some twerking into our annual harvest festival was a bad idea. Thankfully the vicar has agreed to come back and see a revised version, minus the suggestive squatting movements and provocative jiggling, when we’ve all had a chance to reflect on the incident.

Hope that helps,