People have been calling me ‘Scrooge’ because I got spotted in Poundland

Dear Holly,

People have been calling me ‘Scrooge’ because I got spotted shopping in Poundland recently. I’m not bothered about the name calling, I’ve been called worse in my time, but I am concerned that my wife will have seen the photos in the papers and will realise her luxury mini spanner set and jumbo pack of Bodyform Ultra aren’t really from Selfridges. The magic of Christmas is potentially ruined. How can I fix it?

John Terry


holly2111111Dear John,

Just ignore the nasty people calling you names, and focus on the real meaning of Christmas. If Jesus was alive today the three wise men would probably buy their gifts in Poundland too, and Mary would buy all the family clothes from George at Asda, and they’d all spend Christmas Day eating Iceland party platters in a Premier Inn. In the end all that matters is that we buy lots and lots of cheap products which we don’t really want, and eat nets full of chocolate coins until we puke.

Hope that helps!