When I look in the mirror I see my brother Ed

Dear Holly,

I recently bought a lovely antique mirror at a car boot sale from a mysterious young man wearing a cloak and a pointy hat with a strange scar on his forehead. When I look in the mirror I see me as prime minister, smiling and waving, but behind me I see the contorted faces of my parents. They are crying and comforting my brother Ed who is hunched over, sobbing. They are all mouthing the word “why?”. I’m just wondering if I should get the frame re-gilded because it looks rather shabby; should I fork out for it to be done by a specialist?

David Miliband


Dear David,

Be careful of spending too much time interacting with yourself, especially if you are practicing kissing and/or chat up lines, and ALWAYS make sure no-one is watching. Aside from being a complete waste of time, the last thing you want is for a secret video of you snogging your own arm to go viral on YouTube.

Hope that helps,