Wednesday, 28th October 2020

The five habits of highly effective time-wasters

DICKING around does not just happen - you have to know your stuff. Here's a five point guide to wasting time like a champion.

Ignore all inquiries Highly effective time-wasters know the importance of avoiding busy people who want to actually get things done. Let emails build up before deleting dozens at the same time and blaming it on some twat from IT.

Put 'make a list' at the top of your to-do list Making a list of what you do not intend to achieve can use up half a day, as long as you don't rush it. If you can't immediately think of anything leave it and go for a coffee and then a massage, but say it's a dental appointment.

Toilet breaks are your bread and butter Always, always do your shits at work. This is basic stuff, but those hours really add up. Even if you do not have one ready, go to the toilet anyway. You've heard the phrase 'shit or get off the pot' - here is an opportunity to do neither.

Just go to bed The earlier you go to bed, the bigger the opportunity to go on your phone and scroll through the same two or three apps until exhaustion forces you into unsatisfying, fitful sleep.

Get convicted of a medium-level crime Anything with a custodial sentence will do. 'Sorry I couldn't attend the marketing brainstorm session, I was doing 18 months for insurance fraud'.