Were you the kid that was always rude to their mum?

ONE kid at school was always totally out of order to their mum. Was it you? Take our test to find out.

How did you introduce your mum to friends?

A) Mum, Tony; Tony, Mum.

B) Tony, this is the BITCH that lives with us until the council come to get her.

How did you farewell your mum at the school gates?

A) Waving, one hand.

B) Flipping the bird, both hands.

Your mum wouldn’t let you watch an 18-rated film. Did you call her:

A) So annoying.

B) A fat fucking shit-for-brains fascist slag.

Which of these would you have got your mum for her birthday?

A) Flowers; homemade IOU token for flowers.

B) Nothing; a demand for her to ‘not milk it because there’s ironing to do’.

Your mum bought the wrong type of cereal. Did you:

A) Eat it anyway, if a little less enthusiastically than usual.

B) Wait for her to bring you a bowl then slowly push it off the table like a cat, all the while maintaining eye contact.

Mostly As: You were probably fine to your mum. Didn’t stop you laughing at other people being rude though, did it? Think on.

Mostly Bs: You were the ‘rude to their mum’ kid, but guess what? She’s having the last laugh because she owns a house and you’ll never be able to afford one.