Which theme tune from a 90s American teen show are you?

DUE to the rich complexities of the human personality we can all be summed up by a theme tune from a 90s American TV show for teenagers.

Which one are you? Take our test to find out.

1. Do you have a stuffy old headmaster who is always thwarting your attempts at having fun? Have you often been in a slightly dangerous situation but you were somehow saved by the ringing of a bell?

If you answered yes to these questions then you are the theme tune from the seminal Saved by the Bell.

2. Do you like to ‘hang’ with your friends? Do you and your friends play basketball whilst you spend time/hang with each other?

If you answered yes to these questions then you’re the theme song from the relatively unpopular basketball series Hang Time!

3. Were you once playing sport when some thugs got up in your grill? Did this frighten your mother into sending you to live with rich relatives, at which point your life was flipped-turned upside down?

If you answered yes to this then you have just got out of a cab outside a plush Bel Air mansion which luckily for you, makes you opening rap from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

4. Do you like to slay vampires in small town America whilst learning about friendships and relationships and also occasionally killing other unworldly beings?

If you answered yes to this then you’re obviously Boy Meets World!

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What is a 'Lib Dem'?

YOU’VE probably heard of ‘Lib Dems’, but who are these strange people claiming to be a political party?

Lib Dems are a small political tribe scattered across the UK. They resemble normal humans but are more likely to wear anoraks and deliver leaflets no one can be arsed to read.

At certain times Lib Dems decorate their gardens with bright orange signs. Once thought to be some sort of mating ritual, it turns out they are just really into local council elections.

All Lib Dems firmly believe they are the ‘sensible’ party, despite propping up a Tory government full of evil bastards. Many also think their current leader ‘Vince’, a gnome-like figure who may live in the woods, is popular.

Your best chance of spotting a Lib Dem is during local elections. Simply settle down for your dinner and they will immediately appear at your door wanting to talk about potholes.

Besides doing politics, the Lib Dems are also a social club for awkward young people who would otherwise be sitting at home playing PC strategy games or writing shit poems about alienation.

Every year the Lib Dems hold a religious festival called ‘conference’. Here the leader promises this year they’ll be making an electoral comeback and everyone pretends it’s true, like in church.

Lib Dems can turn hostile if you bring up stereotypes such as beards, sandals and real ale. Only mention these to the ones with beards, sandals and CAMRA badges.