Sunday, 9th May 2021

Would you die for heavy metal? Take the test...

HEAVY metal. We all love it but only the brave few would lay their lives on the line for it. Are you one of them?

Would you die for heavy metal?
A. Yes, yes, a billion times yes. Yes.
B. Would I what? No, of course not, you nutter.

But would you really die for heavy metal?
A. Yes. I would most certainly die for heavy metal. Kill me right now if you don’t believe me.
B. I wouldn’t die for any kind of music. I wouldn’t even die for Bob Dylan. I know he’s not a kind of music but I still wouldn’t die for him and I listen to him quite a lot.

 Would you give your life for heavy metal?
A. Yes, I would give it all for heavy metal. And then hope to be reincarnated so I could give it again.
B. Not even for the young Dylan, so especially not the older stuff. I certainly wouldn’t give my life for Time Out of Mind or pretty much anything else he’s made in the last 40 years for that matter.

Mostly As: You would most definitely die for heavy metal. Well done, freak.

Mostly Bs: You would most definitely not die for heavy metal – and you seem relatively ambivalent about Bob Dylan. Find a musical genre you would die for, but don’t actually die for it because that’s insane.