Club night ruined by comparing drink cost to Asda

A COUPLE’S evening out at a nightclub was ruined because they could not buy a drink without thinking what the same money would buy at Asda. 

Nathan and Chloe Muir knew their night out at Birmingham’s Nuvo nightclub would be expensive, but admitted that the constant price comparison website running in their heads made it hard to enjoy.

Chloe said: “You’re meant to lose yourself aren’t you, in the music and that. Order drinks with gay abandon. We tried.

“But when you decide what the hell, we’ll have cocktails and it cost £22 for something that’s more botanicals than booze, I for one couldn’t help thinking ‘You could get a litre of Bombay Sapphire for that, if it was on offer.’

“A glass of prosecco isn’t £8.50. A bottle of prosecco is £8.50. They’re at the top of aisle 14, by the champage and the cava.

“We had a dance, but the truth is I wasn’t properly drunk so I sent Nathan to the bar. He came back white. £38.50! We could have treated ourselves to that fancy Grey Goose!”

Nathan added: “I suppose this is why people do drugs.”