Saturday, 26th September 2020

Microbrewery slammed for beer that tastes nice

A MICROBREWERY has been condemned by craft beer enthusiasts for brewing a beer widely popular for its pleasant taste. 

The Grain Tree’s Grain Tree IPA has has attracted normal people to the brewpub for unpretentious evenings getting wrecked, and regulars are furious.

Stephen Malley, who waxes his moustache and wears biker jeans, said: “Why has a respected microbrewery sold out like this?

“Beer’s not ‘nice’. It’s supposed to be challenging, like trying to fit through the head of a tennis racket or putting your hand in a bonfire.

“I bring friends in here for an easy drinking AM wheat beer, which should be like Weetabix dissolved in urine, and instead they’re drinking something palatable and coming back with their mates?”

Joe Turner, who has a square goatee and runs a nanobrewery pop-up in his garage, agreed: “They were selling several crates a year to the US and Canada. Now that exclusivity’s ruined. Senseless.”

Customer Helen Archer said: “The stuff you get here usually tastes like nails or blood. This one tastes like beer. Might have another.”