33-year-old cannot believe the shit 26-year-olds are listening to

A 33-YEAR-OLD is absolutely horrified at the utter crap that today’s 26-year-olds believe to be good music. 

Nathan Muir admitted that he actually hesitates to call it music, because as far as he can tell it is nothing but noise.

He said: “The thing is I consider myself pretty open to new sounds. But what the fuck.

“When I was getting into rap, it was all the classics like Kanye and Eminem, not these face-tattooed freaks mumbling without even a beat? Lil Xan? Lil Bullshit.

“You can’t tell me any rational mind, given the choice, would listen to Marshmello and Selena Gomez over a proper track like LMFAO featuring Lauren Bennett and GoonRock.

“Say what you like about Basshunter, it had a tune and a sentiment. You knew the guy had been through some stuff. Where’s the Hard-Fi of the modern day?”

He added: “Probably they’re pretending to like it to look cool. That’s what my dad says.”