80s Neighbours fan regularly watched same episode twice in a day

A MAN would regularly watch the same Neighbours episode twice in a day during the 1980s, he has revealed.

As it emerged that the soap could disappear from British TV, 41-year-old Wayne Hayes recalled how he used to watch the day’s episode twice, once when it was broadcast in the early afternoon and then again at half five, because he had no other commitments.

Hayes said: “It was a golden era, both in terms of Neighbours and my life. We’re talking Scott and Charlene, Mike and Jane, and those twin sisters where one was way hotter than the other despite them being physically identical.

“Later when I became a student, I would get up in time to enjoy some Shreddies while watching the lunchtime Neighbours, then go to the shop and dick around a bit until the exact same episode came back on. I then did pretty much the same thing while on the dole.

“I saw Jim Robinson die twice in the space of five hours, which was pretty affecting, and I vaguely remember a girl called Cody who was about 17 but had the voice of a 64-year-old truck driver.”

He added: “Haven’t watched it for years now, but I’ve heard that these days it’s basically porn.”