91% of TV adverts contain whistling

MOST television adverts have a whistling-based soundtrack or feature whistling characters, it has emerged.

Professor Henry Brubaker of the Institute for Studies said: “There’s something about the chirpy, cheeky nature of whistling that corporations believe engenders trust.

“Or maybe it’s like the human equivalent of snake-charming – the harmonic frequencies of whistling hypnotise the consumer into thinking banks have some agenda other than getting money.”

28-year-old Emma Bradford said: “I definitely respond to whistling on television, particularly within the context of 90s-style ‘big beat’ music on gas company adverts.

“Which is weird because I find it fucking annoying in real life.”

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Hedgehog announced as fashion animal for 2014

HEDGEHOGS are the fashion industry’s latest animal muse.

The final day of London Fashion week was marked with a candlelit ceremony in Clapham Common during which a giant hedgehog appeared in the smoke of a style-shaman’s bonfire.

As well as using hedgehog motifs on clothes, jewellery and household items, designers will be using spiked, bristled material and developing sensitive fabrics that ball up when provoked.

Designer Tom Logan said: “I’m still in a state of shock. We all thought it was going to be rabbits, bears or emperor penguins.

“But then, the clothing Gods are mercurial, and send us all sorts of mixed signals. This season, they want us to honour the hedgehog. Next time they might want us to start skinning polar bears.

“At least it’s not owls again. Or labradors, which are the least edgy dog breed.”

Department store buyer Nikki Hollis said: “The hedgehog has reaffirmed my passion for my work, and my spirituality.

“I don’t care what people say, there’s nothing shallow about my job.”