‘Bake Off’ tension peaks as contestants given 10 minutes to finish baking their cakes

THE Great British Bake Off reached harrowing new heights last night when the contestants were told they had only 10 minutes to finish baking their cakes.

The show had viewers clutching their seats with claw-like hands as contestants were told to ‘put the cream cake down’ as the allotted time was up.

Viewer Nikki Hollis said: “The stakes were so high and the emotion so raw that my vision was clouded by a mixture of tears and sweat.

“From the wet patch on the sofa, I may even have pissed myself. It was more hardcore than the episode of The Sopranos where they kill Pussy for being a rat.”

Contestant Donna Sheridan said: “Those last 10 minutes of baking a cake – I call it the ‘alpha phase’ – really are when you really split the men from the boys.

They should really put a disclaimer at the beginning of the episode saying that those of a nervous disposition should look away.”