BBC teases image of Peter Capaldi’s mug


THE BBC has released an exclusive picture of new Doctor Who Peter Capaldi’s mug.

As the corporation stokes excitement with a constant flow of Capaldi information, fans are feasting their eyes on the drinking vessel that the actor uses between takes.

36-year-old Whovian Tom Logan said: “It’s more curvaceous than I expected, and the ‘Tea’ logo with the letters at funny angles is very unusual.

“It suggests that the new Doctor will have a quirky sense of humour and be a sensualist with an appreciation of the female form.”

Who fan Emma Bradford said: “Looking at the mug, it’s easy to imagine Peter Capaldi enjoying a variety of drinks from it.

“Tea, obviously, but also coffee and the occasional hot chocolate for a treat. Maybe even water.”

The BBC refused to confirm where the mug was Capaldi’s personal property or one of a mismatched ‘pool’ of mugs provided by on-set caterers.

A spokesman said: “To find out you’ll have to watch the forthcoming BBC2 four-part special Capaldi’s Mug.”