British person not excited by new TV show about baking

A BRITISH human being is not counting down the days until the start of a new show about cakes.

Friends of Emma Bradshaw where shocked to discover she did not share their enthusiasm for the upcoming show Bakey-Bakey Britain, revealing she is more interested in dramas about advertising executives or the Baltimore drug trade.

Bradshaw said, “Don’t get me wrong, if you’re offering me a cake I’ll have it.

“Do I want to sit in your kitchen and watch you bake it while you tell me what you’re doing? Christ on a bike, no, that would be an obvious waste of time.

“Do I want to see other people bake cakes that I then wouldn’t even get to eat? Absolutely not. That’s just weird.”

Bradshaw’s friend Tom Logan added: “I’ve known Emma for a long time so this has come as something of a surprise.

“It will break my heart when I cover her front door with obscene graffiti.”