Cara Delevingne to play Margo in movie version of The Good Life

SUPERMODEL Cara Delevingne will play Margo Leadbetter in a big budget drama about the dark side of suburban self-sufficiency.

Director David Fincher is to remake the 1970s sitcom The Good Life about a man who tires of the rat race and decides to ruin the lives of everyone around him.

Delevingne will play Margo, the snobbish but kind-hearted neighbour, while her pathetic, lecherous husband Jerry will be played by Gary Oldman.

The part of vegetable growing villian Tom Good will be played by Ralph Feinnes and his brave but desperate wife Barbara will be played by Hillary Swank.

Fincher said: “This is not a comedy. We want to explore the unhinged psyche of a man who robbed his lovely wife of middle-class security and made a previously pleasant neighbourhood stink of pig shit and rotting goat meat.”

Delevingne is preparing for the role by standing in front of a mirror and repeating ‘well thank you very much Jerry’ in a darkly sarcastic voice.


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Crimewatch celebrates 30 years of nightmares

BBC CRIMEWATCH is celebrating 30 years of forcing its way into the homes of ordinary people and giving them nightmares.

“He’s behind you”

Since it began in 1984, the late-night show has solved thousands of crimes and disturbed millions of hours of sleep.

Former presenter Nick Ross said: “I used to chuckle every time I said ‘Don’t have nightmares,’ because I knew I was sending the audience off to an eight-hour sweat-soaked reverie about masked men at the foot of the bed.

“If you watch a show dedicated to exposing how swiftly and irrevocably the lives of ordinary, law-abiding people can be shattered by some sick maniac and sleep peacefully afterwards, you are one of those maniacs.

“As early as the second series we were only in it for the nightmares. Solving crimes was a very distant second.”

In an anniversary Crimewatch: Where Are They Now? next week, Fiona Bruce will revisit the most disturbing crimes of the last 30 years and remind viewers that the perpetrators are now free to offend again.

Care worker Tom Logan said: “I’ll always remember the first ever Crimewatch when I was 10 years old, because I revisit it every single night and wake up screaming.

“Thankfully I’ve never been the victim of a crime, though there are five people who walked too close to my house late at night in shallow graves in my back garden.”