Thursday, 13th May 2021

'Christmas telly' is not a thing, young people confirm

YOUNG people have confirmed that ‘Christmas telly’ is not a thing and they do not understand why their parents think it is. 

While the over-30s leaf through the Radio Times they have bought specially, for unknown reasons, anyone younger is planning to do everything through tablet and phones as usual.

15-year-old Tom Booker said: “Mum’s like, Christmas telly’s special. I’m like, why?

“Netflix has new stuff every week. YouTube has new stuff every day. Even Amazon Prime gets new stuff occasionally. Why would I care about a Call The Midwife special?

“I get up and there’s some film like Madagascar 3 on that I’ve already seen at school. Apparently there’s another film on at ten past three, after the Queen does her thing, but I illegally streamed that one last year.

“Literally why would you think that all sitting around watching telly together is a family thing. We’re not talking, we’re not interacting, why do I have to put my phone down?”

Dad Tony Booker said: “Look, there’s a Christmas special of Millionaire on. Yeah, I see what you mean.”