Classic movie moments your boyfriend talks over with behind-the-scenes trivia

WHEN your boyfriend suggests watching a film, he doesn’t want to engage with the story – he wants to show off his little facts to you. Here are some to get ahead of the game with.

Hans Gruber dies in Die Hard (1988)

If you’re this far into the Bruce Willis classic, you’ll already have put up with your boyfriend’s justifications for it being a Christmas film, in a debate everyone hates now. But don’t worry, he’ll also disrupt the finale to tell you Alan Rickman was dropped prematurely to capture a realistic look of shock. 

The shark appears in Jaws (1975)

Nothing adds to the slow-building tension and suspense of the Spielberg film like your boyfriend giving you a detailed rundown of exactly how the mechanical shark worked. Did you know it kept breaking down, but being forced to use it less improved the film in the end? Yes. Yes you f**king did,

Don Corleone speaks in The Godfather (1972)

He’ll quote his way through the whole thing like it’s a Sound of Music singalong. And then he’ll make sure you can’t appreciate any of the famous quotes by letting you know Marlon Brando read off cue cards. And then he’ll want to know why you don’t think it’s the best film ever made.

Every Stan Lee cameo in every Marvel film (2008-2019)

These superhero films can get repetitive. Even more so when you’re guaranteed to have the person next to you on the couch go ‘You know that taxi driver’s Stan Lee, he wrote the comics, or drew them or something?’ Oddly, Stan’s role in Avengers: Age of Ultron is not something you feel compelled to immediately text all your friends about.

Michael Myers appears in Halloween (1978)

It’s fun being scared by horror films, right? Your boyfriend has other ideas. Every time the fictional killer appears, you’ll be reminded he’s actually wearing a modified Captain Kirk mask, and now all you can see is a melted William Shatner running around.

Aragorn kicks a helmet in The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002)

Not only will you have to sit through a dull explanation of how Viggo Mortensen broke his toe when he kicked an orc helmet at the beginning of the film, you’ll then have to sit through an even duller explanation of how this first bit of trivia became a meme of how dull trivia can be.

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Youth's tan sweat pants and sweatshirt make him look like a teddy bear

A TEEN’S attempts to look hard have been fatally undermined by his decision to wear a full tan sweatsuit that makes him resemble a giant cuddly toy.

Jordan Gardner was sure he was looking fresh when he pimp-strolled out of his family’s suburban semi kitted out in his new light-brown Adidas fleecy joggers and top.

However, the 16-year-old realised something was amiss when he tried to buy a disposable vape and the shopkeeper refused to believe he was an 18-year-old who had forgotten his driving licence, telling him to ‘Jog on, Paddington’.

Gardner said: “Believe me, that wasn’t the end of it. Passers-by kept sniggering when I attempted to stare them down while hanging around the war memorial.  

“Then another member of my crew, Oli, suggested my sand-coloured headphones over my hoodie looked quite like a bear’s ears. The bastards started calling me ‘Snuggly Bear’ and changed my name on their phones.

“I doubt this sort of thing happens to 50 Cent. He’d bust a cap in their ass. All I can do is get my mum to take it back to JD Sports and ask for a refund.”

Jordan’s dad Richard said: “I suppose I could help Jordan by sharing my own experience of being given a humiliating nickname. But no one must know why I was called ‘Billy Brown Hole’ on my Duke of Edinburgh expedition.”