Fight Club 2 focuses on making club into viable business

THE SEQUEL to Fight Club is about the lengthy administrative process necessary to make the club legal and profitable.

Fight Club 2, to be released as a graphic novel next year, follows Tyler Durden’s attempts to gain tax-exempt charitable status for nationwide franchises of the underground organisation.

Editor Susan Traherne said: “The first Fight Club was about redundant masculinity in a consumerist world, but the second explores loopholes in the US tax code around the administration of private recreational clubs.

“We pick up the story with the Fight Club at an exciting crossroads from a logistical standpoint, struggling to file an income-tax application under IRC statute 501(c)7.

“It turns out that the eight rules of Fight Club just aren’t sufficient to regulate a growing social organisation, and that the first two rules in particular are a nightmare when it comes to an audit.

“Durden is forced to radically overhaul the way he runs the club after some members reveal they haven’t received any newsletters and missed the Christmas party.”

Author Chuck Palahniuk has released a preview of the opening scene at an Annual General Meeting at which it’s discovered that last year’s minutes are incorrectly formatted, leading to the election of a new secretary.

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Britain sleeping in fridge

THE entire population of the UK has moved downstairs to sleep inside the fridge.

The move took place initially because the fridge was the only place in the house cool enough to sleep in, but is increasingly seen as just handy.

Condiments, drinks and vegetables have been moved aside to make room for a duvet and pillows.

Tom Booker of Northampton said: “You want a drink? They’re right there. You want some of this leftover KFC? Just reach out your arm.

“The light stays off while the door’s closed, and that annoying buzzing noise it makes? You can’t hear that from inside.

“I snuggle up to this avocado, which I’ve grown close to during the three years it’s been in here, suck on a bottle of wine like a dummy, and drift off to a peaceful sleep knowing I’m close to everything I love.

“I don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago.”