Fog inspires shit poem

A MAN has written a poor quality poem about the fog.

Engineering contractor Wayne Hayes was inspired by the swirling cloud that enveloped the road on his commute to work.

Hayes said: “There’s something about fog that really makes you think, so I decided to write a poem about it.

“It’s called Fog.”

The poem uses the word ‘fog’ as a rhythmical device: ‘Fog/What is it? Where is it from?/Fog/Where does it belong? It seems so wrong?/Fog.’

In a later verse, Hayes ponders the longevity of the weather phenomenon: ‘Fog/Will it go away? Or will it stay, for another day?/Fog.’

Hayes said: “I’ve read it to my wife, who said it was great, and also sent it to the local paper who are considering it for publication.

“I’m going to quit my job today and become a full-time wordsmith.”