Gamers pushing society’s buttons for cheat code

GAMERS are wildly pushing everyone’s buttons to unlock new powers to beat their critics, they have confirmed.

GamerGate’s bomb threats, abuse of women and mashing of the journalistic ethics defence button are an attempt to unleash a bloody Mortal Kombat-style finishing move on its detractors.

Gamer Wayne Hayes said: “I’ve seen the code in a magazine.

“It’s death threat, death threat, bomb threat, Twitter sock puppet six times, complain to mainstream media and then death threat again.

“I’ve got my misogyny meter charged right up and I’ve made sure to destroy all the sense-of-perspective gems, so it should be working.

“But I must be doing something wrong, because instead of forming a hyper-powerful gamer robot to devastate my enemies it’s just making everyone hate me even more.”