Humanity refusing to accept Nevermind came out 25 years ago

NIRVANA’S Nevermind album did not come out 25 years ago, everyone has agreed.

The alleged 25th anniversary has convinced middle-aged people that the media and the record industry have made a stupid mistake.

Accountant Tom Logan, 46, said: “I bought it when it came out, in around 2008, and I am still a young, vigorous man.

“Clearly there’s been a mix-up and they’ve celebrated the anniversary when it isn’t due for years yet. They must have gotten it confused with a Beatles or Stones album.

“Whoever made that glaring error is probably going to get sacked.”

Mum-of-two Donna Sheridan, 44, said: “If Nevermind came out 25 years ago I’d be quite old by now, but that’s clearly not the case because I wear trainers.

“Just the other day I was telling my son how Nirvana played proper music, not like this grime rubbish that’s just a load of noise and shouting without real instruments. That’s not the sort of thing an old lady would do.

“There’s probably a simple explanation for all this, like a cosmic temporal anomaly that’s added extra years to history.”