I despise cooking and all who attempt it, reveals Mary Berry

MARY Berry has launched her new show Britain’s Best Cooks by admitting she despises cooking and loathes anyone who even attempts it.

The 82-year-old, a judge on the new show, said she plans to spend most of her time convincing contestants of the utter worthlessness of their tasks in the hope they will give up.

She explained: “I only began cooking because you had to, after the war, when food was rationed and women couldn’t get jobs.

“But now, when you can get whatever you want to eat from the shops, there’s no need for anyone to learn to cook. Just don’t bother.  It’s shit. Just buy a ready meal.

“It’s too late for me. I’m old, and set in my ways. But I shall be using this opportunity to share my hatred of cooking and baking and kitchens and all that bollocks with Britain to try and win them around.”

She added: “Cooking is not worth the effort, and never has been. I have wasted my life. I urge you not to do the same.”