Jamiroquai now seems okay compared to modern knobheads

JAMIROQUAI now seems alright compared to the many bigger knobs who are around in 2017, it has emerged.

The jazz-funk singer seemed like a massive knobhead in the 90s, when he was widely mocked for his stupid headwear and cocksure demeanour.

However his recent comeback has led to the shocking revelation that he now seems pretty tolerable compared to modern industrial-strength knobs like Trump, Farage and Paul Nuttall.

Music fan Nikki Hollis said: “I used to think that bloke from Jamiroquai was the biggest knob drawing breath. But there are so many knobs around these days that I doubt he’s even in the top eight million.

“For starters, he clearly loves Stevie Wonder so there’s no way he could be racist. And those hats, although ridiculous, are these days more of an endearing way of over-compensating for male pattern baldness.

“In 2017 he wouldn’t even be the biggest knob in my local pub. That’s hard to say about someone who calls himself a ‘space cowboy’, but it’s true.”