Jeremy Kyle Rapped For Showing A Scotsman

THE Jeremy Kyle show has been censured by the television watchdog Ofcom for broadcasting a Scotsman during a daytime programme. 

The regulator ruled the ITV show was in clear breach of the broadcasting code which places severe restrictions on the use of live Scots.

An Ofcom spokesman said: "These people can only be shown on screen if there is a valid editorial reason, and they are accompanied by a solicitor or their words are read by an actor.

"In the space of 20 seconds we heard four 'fuds', an 'erse', at least two 'keechs', and one 'gerrit right up ye, ya fuckin' shitebag'."

He added: "There were also five 'boabies', a 'basturt', three 'chebs', a 'bam', two 'fannybawz' and a 'come aheid ya fuckin' dobber'. We believe much of it may be offensive."

A spokesman for ITV said the show's Manchester-based staff had mistakenly invited the Scotsman onto the programme thinking he was either Bulgarian or mentally retarded.

He apologised for any bad language, but pointed out that the show would have escaped censure if it had not been for a single complaint 'from some c*nt in Aberdeen'.

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