Liam Gallagher’s brilliant career marred by his albums

EX-OASIS vocalist Liam Gallagher has sadly spoiled the great joy he brings to the world by insisting on making a record.

Gallagher’s solo album As You Were was released today, casting a terrible shadow over his promising new career as a man who swears creatively on YouTube.

NME writer Tom Logan said: “Why can’t he stick to picking fights with his brother? Why this?

“Now everyone’s going to have to talk about his music as if it had some kind of value just because they want him to come on their shows and call Noel a fucking potato.

“Liam is the last great rock’n’roll star, he’s got attitude, swagger, wit, brio. It’s just a shame he has to go and ruin all that by recording albums.

“It’s like when you were laughing away at The Young Ones and suddenly it cuts to Dexy’s Midnight Runners. Really ruins the fun.”