What about no prime minister, suggests Britain

BRITAIN has given its backing to a radical new plan of replacing Theresa May with nobody at all and leaving the post permanently vacant. 

As plotting against the prime minister gathers strength, the country has largely agreed with the Tories that there are no suitable candidates and suggested Downing Street should be left fallow for the immediate future.

Nail artist Nikki Hollis said: “Not Boris. Not Rudd. Not Rees-Mogg or Davis or Leadsom or any of the rest, and you know what? Not Corbyn either.

“There’s no shame in admitting that the UK has absolutely no credible candidates for leadership and just calling it quits and muddling along for a bit. Hey, better no deal than a bad deal, right?

“May’s already essentially a vacancy at the top. We’d just be making it formal.”

A Downing Street spokesman said: “I could still come out here and say we want a great deal that works for everyone even without anyone actually in charge, so why not?

“And if nobody’s using her room we could turn it into a gym.”