Man finally admits to fondness for Sting

A MAN has decided to stop hiding his true musical orientation and tell everyone he likes Sting.

Sting’s new tour prompted Tom Logan to openly admit to liking him, despite hostility from people who think everything he did after The Police is bad and wrong.

Office worker Logan said: “People may not agree with it, they may think it’s strange or perverted, but the truth is – I like Sting.

“For years I pretended to like good music but secretly I wanted to listen to If You Love Somebody, Set Them Free sung by Sting in his strange Jamaican accent.

“Now I’m out of the closet I’m going to start meeting other Sting fans so I can listen to The Dream of the Blue Turtles without people telling me to shit off.”

Friend Nikki Hollis said: “What Tom’s done is incredibly brave. I’m sure he’ll be a lot happier now, or at least as happy as you can be when you listen to Sting.”