Man cuts all contact with mother after discovering she likes ‘Galway Girl’

A 29-YEAR-OLD man has cut off all contact with his mother after discovering she enjoys Ed Sheeran’s song Galway Girl. 

Nathan Muir told mother Irene that she was dead to him after she admitted liking ‘that song that’s on the radio, you know, the Irish one by the ginger lad.’

He said: “It’s a shame. We’d really managed to rebuild our relationship after the whole Savage Garden thing.

“But there’s no coming back from this. Have you heard the lyrics? Fucking Grafton Street? I mean, I’m no music snob but come on. She left me no choice.

“It will hurt her, but not as much as she’s hurt me. That pain will never heal.”

Irene Muir said: “After Nathan left, I sat down and listened to the song properly for the first time.

“He’s absolutely right. I’m an utter disgrace who cannot be forgiven.”