Man feeling betrayed by Carrie Fisher affair

A MAN is experiencing feelings of betrayal over Carrie Fisher’s affair with co-star Harrison Ford.

48-year-old Tom Logan feels Fisher somehow cheated on him during the 1976 fling, despite it being illogical to feel possessive about an actress because she played a feisty space princess 40 years ago.

Accountant Tom Logan said: “When I read about it in the Observer, I had to take the dog for a walk so my family wouldn’t see me crying.

“We didn’t have a relationship in the conventional sense due to her not knowing I exist and famous actresses not dating eight-year-old boys from Knutsford, but it still hurts.

“I can see why Leia – sorry Carrie – would be attracted to Harrison, but I can guarantee I spent more time thinking up adventures for her Star Wars action figure than he ever did.

“It’s wrong that she was out cavorting with her fancy man while I was sitting at home worrying about the galactic rebellion.”

He added: “I’ve loved and respected her ever since I first saw her on the Death Star telling Governor Tarkin to fuck off.

“I’m hoping I can still watch Star Wars: Episode VIII without thinking about Harrison Ford’s arse bobbing up and down.”