Man listening to the Proclaimers unironically

A MAN has been listening to the Proclaimers for no reason other than that they made some great tunes.

Barista Tom Booker decided to put the Proclaimers on at work simply because 500 Miles is a great record and they have also got another four or five other decent tunes.

Booker’s manager Bill McKay said: “When I came in he was listening to the Proclaimers and I thought that they had either died or it was some sort of Scottish national holiday.

“He said he just put them on because he liked them, which I might have to bring up in his next appraisal to be honest.”

Cafe customer and hipster shit cannon Nathan Muir added: “Oh wow, the Proclaimers yeah, they’re so bad they’re good, I get it.”

Booker himself then added: “Since when do you need a reason for liking music other than liking it?

“I would be really disappointed though to find out they don’t really need glasses and it’s all part of a ‘look’.”