Sunday, 27th September 2020

Man trying to get Rule Britannia to number one as if people still give a f**k about the charts

A MAN who is trying to upset woke liberals by getting Rule Britannia to the top of the charts has failed to realise no one gives a toss about them anymore.

Norman Steele is convinced that getting the song to number one will prove something despite the fact that following the charts went out with buying vinyl singles from Woolworths.

Steele said: “I won’t be happy until Rule Britannia is at number one and performed on Top of the Pops every Thursday for weeks, with a suitably patriotic dance by Pan’s People.

“The lunatic left are trying to force us to accept their wacky beliefs as usual. They say it’s all about the genuine risk of spreading coronavirus by singing at the Proms, but I can see through their Marxist propaganda.

“I’m badgering all my friends to buy Rule Britannia on iTunes, even if everyone ignores download charts because Ed Sheeran’s drivel can fill the entire top 20.

“When it’s top of the hit parade all the young people will be listening to it and realise we Brits have all the best songs. It’ll probably be the end of rap music.”

Steele is currently checking online charts every 15 minutes to see if Rule Britannia is in the top 10 yet, while the government continues to blithely run the country into the ground.