Most BBC News Now About The BBC

THE majority of the news output from the BBC is now about the BBC, according to a new BBC report.

Stop what you're doing and pay attention to the BBC

The BBC has risen to the top of the BBC's news chart after a busy year of high-profile resignations and big-budget dishonesty.

Last week the BBC assigned six reporters to cover a story about massive cuts in the number of BBC reporters while its five daily news stories now include: The BBC, fatness, standing outside someone's house, carbon dioxide and The Opinions of Nick Robinson.

Tom Logan, a media analyst, said: "If you're faced with thirteen separate Blue Peter scandals, £4 billion worth of Paxman cuts and the Great Kaplinsky Betrayal, that's a full and exciting news agenda."

According to an internal BBC report 52% of the Today programme is devoted to BBC related issues, while News 24 must carry two breaking stories per hour about the corporation.

Logan added: "To suggest that the BBC should devote time to other stories is to suggest that the BBC is not run on behalf of people like me and my dinner guests."

According to the report the 'perfect storm' for BBC news executives involves Nick Robinson making up a story about the parents of fat children switching to David Cameron because they believe he will use left-over Carbon Dioxide to defeat terror.

One BBC insider said: "The investigation alone would fill eight hours a day on News 24, keep Newsnight happy for a couple of months and generate at least three separate Panorama specials."