Name one of our songs, Coldplay challenge audience

PLATINUM-SELLING band Coldplay challenged 40,000 fans attending a concert to name just one of their hit songs. 

Furious lead singer Chris Martin demanded the audience name either a song, the title of any of their seven albums or a member of the band except himself, to be met only with an embarrassed silence.

He continued: “Seriously? You’ve paid a hundred quid each to be here. You must know one.

“What about the one we just did? You were all singing along to it, for fuck’s sake. Just tell me what it was called and we’ll carry on with the gig.

“I cannot believe this. You know, Jonny here went on the merch stall last night, for a laugh, and nobody recognised him. Jonny Buckland. The lead guitarist. Here, on my right.

“Literally not one person here knows anything about us apart from that we’re called Coldplay. Right. Okay, this next one’s called That One You Like When You Hear It In Taxis.

Coldplay fan Eleanor Shaw said: “Well that was awkward. Still, it could have been worse. I almost shouted When The Streets Have No Name.”