Netflix launches ‘People Standing in a Row with Arms Folded’

STREAMING service Netflix has launched a new drama about some people who do a job.

Trailers and posters for new series People Standing in a Row with Arms Folded show a group of characters, of varying ages and genders, standing in a line with the main character in the middle.

They are probably doctors, lawyers or something to do with forensics. It looks quite serious and is definitely not a comedy.

One of them is played by an actor from a quite popular 1996 film about a time travelling cop. After a prolonged period of sexual tension, he will shag the woman on the left, but it ultimately won’t work out and by Season Four she will be working for the main baddies.

The one at the back on the right makes a lot of wisecracks and will definitely die at the end of Season One.

A Netflix spokesmen said: “Here they are, some more people standing in a row. They’re not afraid to bend the rules to get the job done, whatever their job might be. I can’t remember exactly.”

Subscriber Norman Steele said: “Is it telly? I’m in.”