New Star Wars features shaved Chewbacca

NEW Star Wars film The Last Jedi promises the first sight of Chewbacca shaven completely bare. 

In scenes which have delighted hardcore fans, the Wookie picks up an infestation of ticks and is taken by Rey and BB-8 through First Order blockades to a space vet with eight eyes and a horn. 

The vet advises Chewbacca that his last delousing is seven years overdue and, in a thrilling scene, shaves him completely with lasers before applying topical creams to clear up a nasty rash. 

Director Rian Johnson said: “This is what the fans have been clamouring ever since the epic Yoda sex scene in Episode III. 

“To see the mighty Chewbacca shorn like a lamb and to finally discover that he is just a bloke beneath his magnificent fur, answering all the questions we’ve been asking since 1977, has had incredible reactions. 

“And just to clear up; no, just because he’s hairless doesn’t mean he wears clothes. For the last hour of the movie he’s just in his bandolier with his genitals fully exposed.” 

48-year-old Star Wars fan Tom Logan said: “Did I ask for this? I suppose I did, when I was five.”