NME to become a free sachet of hair gel

THE NME is to broaden its appeal by becoming a free sample of hair gel.

From September the magazine will refocus on its core mission of advertising hair products by becoming a small, condom-like sachet of blue grease.

Publisher Norman Steele said: “I don’t mind music, but people who get really into it are a bit weird. It’s hard to relate to them. But we all want a cool hairstyle.”

The decision has been welcomed by NME’s core audience of home counties teenagers who want to look vaguely rebellious but fundamentally conformist.

17-year-old Joseph Turner, from Braintree, said: “I like reading about how to dress like someone who might conceivably be in a band, but isn’t.”

Steele added that in a nod to its print heritage, the hair gel sachet would have a picture of Pete Doherty on it at least 40 times a year.