Outrage over TV programme that was just people dressing up in Nazi uniforms

THERE has been widespread outcry after it emerged that an 80s television programme was mostly just people dressing up as Nazis.

Following a furore over baker Paul Hollywood dressing up as a Nazi in 2003, it emerged that a long-running BBC series featured dozens of actors dressed as members of Hitler’s army.

A source said: “The programme was called ‘Hello, Hello!’ if you use the pronunciation that does not racially stereotype the French.

“The Nazis were shown in a comic context, usually in situations involving double entendres and someone’s surname sounding a bit like ‘knob’ or ‘fanny’.

“Apparently it was on television for several years, presumably offending millions on a weekly basis.

“It should be banned even though it ended in 1992.”

Meanwhile TV baker Paul Hollywood defended his choice of Nazi uniform fancy dress: “It was just a bit of fun. Mary Berry was actually head of the Waffen-SS during the war and nobody bothers about that.”