Phil Rudd latest victim of anti-drummer conspiracy, say drummers

AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has been targeted by an international conspiracy to discredit drummers, it has been claimed.

Rudd has been charged with hiring a hitman in New Zealand, in what drummers have claimed is a ‘classic, anti-drummer stitch-up’.

Drummer Mick Johnson said: “They use all kinds of tactics. They even started a rumour that all drummers have the same dad and that we’re called Mick, Phil or Roger.

“If that was true, then what about Ringo? He was a drummer.

“Yes he was.”

Drummer Mick Logan, added: “They hate us because we are free. We are the wild ones. We are Animal.”

Meanwhile, the drummers have pledged to hit back with a five-man, all-drummer super-group consisting of  Mick Fleetwood, Phil Collins, Phil Taylor from Motorhead, Roger Taylor from Queen and Roger Taylor from Duran Duran.