Pratchett steamroller ‘should do Jeffrey Archer’s hard drive next’

THE steamroller that crushed Terry Pratchett’s hard drive should also do Jeffrey Archer’s, it has been claimed.

After the massive steam engine crushed the late Discworld author’s hard drive in accordance with his wishes, book fans suggested former Tory MP Archer’s computer could also be flattened even though he is still alive.

Wayne Hayes said: “Terry wanted all his works-in-progress destroyed, probably in case they might ever be published in a substandard form. Meanwhile Jeffrey Archer’s probably writing a book and it will definitely be shit.

“So let’s do Archer’s hard drive next, then maybe we could also do Dean Koontz and whoever does those books about Jane Austen fighting zombies.”

Meanwhile Jeffrey Archer confirmed that his latest shit book would probably be about some feuding upper class brothers and will be called To Soar Above or some vaguely similar-sounding thing.