Reading Festival charging £10 for bottle of throwing urine

MUSIC fans say high prices at Reading are making it impossible to shower acts in urine.

The festival is charging £10 for a 250ml bottle, up 20 percent on last year, and has banned fans from using any urine they may have brought with them.

A festival spokesman said: “The official throwing urine is 40 percent pig, 20 percent horse and 40 percent rosewater. It’s really nice.”

Tom Booker, from Basingstoke, said: “With acts like Queens of the Stone Age and Blink 182, this year’s festival is a piss-thrower’s dream.

“But I can’t afford the £40 it’s going to take to thoroughly soak Jake Bugg in human waste.

“Next year I’ll stay home and throw my own urine at my own television.”