Reading Festival fans outraged that none of the bands are shit enough

ROCK fans have criticised the Reading Festival line-up for not including enough genuinely shit bands. 

The festival, which traditionally books the most moribund rock acts of the moment to end the season on a total downer, has sparked anger by instead choosing relevant acts like Kendrick Lamar.

Rocker Tom Logan said: “Dua Lipa, Skepta… honestly, if it wasn’t for the Kings of Leon there’d hardly be a shit act on the bill.

“The Killers are bringing their intensely mediocre set of 00s hits to a host of festivals this year.  Why not Reading? What about the Arctic Monkeys?

“And, most of all, where is  Liam Gallagher? Our Crown Prince of piss-dull, holler-along turd-rock.

“For me there’s only Sum 41, The Wombats, and up-and-coming crapsters Wolf Alice that really belong at Reading. The rest are just too decent.

“I’ll still throw bottles of piss at them.”