Right-wing dad fails to see irony of Top Gear Cenotaph stunt

54-YEAR-OLD Roy Hobbs has seen nothing funny in Top Gear’s foreign host offending his host nation’s cultural sensibilities.

Estate agent and father-of-two Hobbs felt that American Matt LeBlanc driving near the Cenotaph was “a step too far”, despite loving it when Clarkson went to foreign countries in big cars and antagonised them as much as legally possible.

He said: “I used to think Top Gear was funny but they’ve pushed it too far this time.

“I blame that American – when celebrities travel they should take time to learn about local culture and history before attempting to make so-called ‘jokes’ that could hurt people’s feelings.”

Hobbs, who laughed like a drain when Top Gear pissed off Mexicans, Romanians and Argentinians, added: “This kind of crass, insensitive stunt is not funny and panders to utter morons. That LeBlanc is just a cocky millionaire posing as a maverick outsider.”

However Hobbs’s son Stephen said: “Dad used to say that Clarkson should have raced a sports car around ‘one of their temples’ which was presumably a reference to non-Christian religions, and whenever Top Gear got in the shit he’d moan about ‘muesli-munching lesbian killjoys’.

“I love him but he is such a wanker.”

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Low-paid workers to get speedboat tax relief

GEORGE Osborne will unveil a Budget tax incentive so low-paid workers can buy a speedboat.

The Chancellor’s tax bonanza will offer a 0.5 per cent rebate for any new vessel costing over £150,000 if it is bought outright from a government-approved supplier.

Osborne said: “This is about reinvigorating the country’s speedboat-building industry and encouraging responsible speedboat ownership amongst the poor.

“What could be more aspirational than whizzing along, with the wind in your hair, in between shifts at Asda?”

Tax on speedboat fuel is unlikely to change, with the Chancellor stressing he does not wish to create a ‘dependency on state handouts’.

Part-time Sports Direct worker Nikki Hollis said: “I’ve heard the Bayliner Antigua 500 is an absolute cracker. I’m so excited.”