Slovenians can’t wait to hear wacky British Eurovision entry

SLOVENIAN Eurovision fans are gleefully anticipating whatever crazy act the UK is entering for Eurovision this year. 

28-year-old Lojze Lipovsek enjoys the many credible, talented acts in the competition but admits half the fun is seeing what dreadful nutjob act Britain has entered this time.

He continued: “Obviously at its heart Eurovision is a very serious musical spectacle featuring some of the continent’s greatest performers, but it’s great to have Britain there for some comic relief.

“Last year they had this hilarious couple with neon clothes, a few years ago there was an excruciating rap about not liking school, and one time they’d clearly completely forgotten to prepare anything and had some trolley dollys doing a hi-NRG safety presentation.

“It’s good that they recognise they can’t compete with the big boys and settle for just giving everyone a smile.

Lipovsek added: “Not that anyone ever votes for them, because they’re a bunch of pasty xenophobes.”